Mobacar is using artificial intelligence and machine learning to change the car rental segment

Measuring Success

Demonstrating as part of Phocuswright's Innovation Platform reaches further than the audience in the room – it impacts the industries, communities and people who dedicate their lives to change and innovation. Check out this story from Mobacar’s CEO, Mike Webster, a recent innovator in Europe: 


"Being based in the west of Ireland and operating in a global marketplace, this recognition from Phocuswright means more to our business than any investment round or commercial deal ever could. Running a start up is full of pain, joy and exhaustion. I often wake up in the middle of the night and ask myself "What the hell am I doing?”.  

Ireland has been a poor economic story for many years. I was determined to show that the world of online travel is an open one - open to fresh ideas, open to small companies with lofty ambitions. Our area of Ireland is an unemployment blackspot. I was determined to show that Ireland Inc. has balls and you do not have to be based in Dublin alongside Google and Facebook to find and develop a great team. This Phocuswright event and the award goes to show my team, my location and other startups, that the world of online is more democratic and accessible. 

Sometimes you can measure the success of the innovation platform by the amount of venture capital raised, but please never forget what the Phocuswright organization brings in terms of pride to people’s lives and their families, how it stiffens resolve and shows a small regional town on the west of Ireland what is possible. Thirty-two Mobacar families are discussing a great win over their kitchen tables tonight, telling their kids about their work, showing them the video clips and pictures from the event. 

It's important for your team to realize that what you bring is not only real business growth and focus in the sector but also a wave of social change and a path to what's possible, in areas of the world that need a shot in the arm. It points the way for future entrepreneurs." 

-Mike Webster